Multiple Ways to Monetize
Your creation is unique and your ad solution should be too.
We have a variety of customizable tools to match your app or website.

Rewarded and Non-Rewarded Video

AdGate Media's Video solution allows you to maximize your CPM while also rewarding your users.

Our video player is light and extremely fast. Expect one day integration with only one page of documentation.

AdGate Rewards Offerwall

AdGate Rewards provides your users the opportunity to receive rewards while engaging with their favorite brands.

Your users can choose what advertisements they want to complete. Allow your users to unlock content in your app or game after registering, installing, or making a purchase.

Mobile App Wall

Reward your users for trying new apps. The Mobile App Wall also works well without the use of incentives. Turn your traffic into a place where visitors can discover new apps.


Our Gateway Lockers and Link Lockers allow you to monetize premium content on your app or website. Lockers are the perfect solution for digital products such as ebooks, instructional videos, or software downloads.

Benefits of Working with AdGate Media
Here's what we have to offer:

Account Support

Each publisher is assigned a dedicated account manager that can help you with integration.

Lightweight SDK

Our SDK is simple and very easy to install. It will only take a few minutes.


Our proprietary tracking platform allows you to view in-depth analytics for your traffic. Every click gets counted.

Large Ad Inventory

With over 2,000 active campaigns in our system, our algorithms will find the best converting ones for your placement.

Want to start earning with AdGate Media?